NovaCast Systems AB

NovaCast Systems AB develops, produces and markets software and system solutions within Casting Simulation and Process Control for the global foundry industry.

The flagship products are: ATAS MetStar for metallurgical process control in cast iron production, and NovaFlow&Solid for casting simulation.

ATAS MetStar for metallurgical process control in cast iron production.

Metallurgical process control of cast iron production requires measuring of a number of critical metallurgical parameters. ATAS MetStar measures the effects of all elements and compounds and enables the user to gain greater control of the manufacturing process and to introduce a system for continuous improvement of the metallurgical process. ATAS MetStar is essential for process stability, precision and standardized work.

Reduced process variables, reduced direct costs, reduced environmental impact as well as improved material properties can be expected.    

ATAS MetStar™ (Adaptive Thermal Analysis System) is an innovative system for process-control of grey and ductile iron. It is based on advanced thermal analysis combined with artificial intelligence technology and allows the foundry to reduce casting defects, improve yield and reduce variations in physical properties. It is also a great tool for increasing metallurgical competence.

Some screenshots from the ATAS production unit

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NovaFlow&Solid ™

NovaFlow&Solid is a complete casting process simulation package developed by NovaCast Systems AB and partner over more than 15 years. By using new advanced numeric models and a unique meshing technology, Control Volume, makes our system one of the most efficient & versatile casting process simulation package on the market. Casting process simulation with NovaFlow&Solid has proven to be an important tool in both the product- & production development for validating designs prior to physical trials, resulting in substancial savings in manufacturing costs.

NovaFlow&Solid utilizes a unique meshing technology, Control Volume Meshing (CV). With this technology, the surface of the 3D model controls the shape of the mesh elements on the border of the casting. This creates cubic elements inside the casting and border cells on the boundary of the casting.

Filling velocity plot

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MTC is the sole partner and distributer of NovaCast Systems AB in South Africa.

MTC provides sales, support, and training for all of NovaCast Systems AB products in co-ordination with the head office in Sweden. Our staff has regular training in Sweden and can provide full scale support in all application areas.

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